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We offer full transformer resources, including expert engineers, testing teams, skilled workers, unskilled employees, technical personnel, etc. We have all the necessary tools, testing apparatus, lifting machines, and heavy manpower on hand.We are experts at installing, testing and commissioning transformers.

Our in-house trained team is also accessible to provide creative suggestions and fixes for transformer troubleshooting. From the NCT of Delhi, we also have permission to install and test transformers. Additionally, we are carrying out all pre-commissioning inspections at the transformer and other equipment OEM factory.

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Testing of transformers and other HV, LV equipment is crucial for both preventative maintenance and breakdown repairs. For the installation of transformers with various ratings, we have qualified staff. We also provide testing kits for after-installation testing of transformers. We also have a system in place for dehydrating transformer oil. We guarantee reliable and accurate testing. Teams get along with various kinds of testing apparatus.At the location, we are also offering oil filtering.

To ensure that they are operating in accordance with manufacturer and industry requirements, all transformers must be maintained, repaired, and tested. This prolongs the life of the transformer and ensures its safe and dependable performance.Instead of only treating the symptoms, we employ sophisticated testing apparatus to attempt to address the root cause of failure.

We carry out tasks accurately and in accordance with drawings, guarantee the safety of all tools and people, offer reasonably priced services, and support the fulfilment of CEI requirements. We employ engineers and technical personnel with extensive expertise and training. We guarantee the transformer's pre-commissioning test, offer online help seven days a week, assure onsite inspection of the transformer, and provide services for pre- and final commissioning. We provide on-site support and assistance during CEI and other government agencies. Through the testing kit of the protection and control system, we also do secondary/direct injection testing.

We hold licences and certifications from CIN, GSTIN, IEC, A-CLASS, OHSAS, NSIC, ISO, UDYAM, EPFO, IP-I, MSME, and ESIC.



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