Transformer Installation & Commissioning

Aepl has rich experience in the installation, commissioning, and testing of transformers. Aepl also completed more than 100 projects of installation, commissioning, and testing of transformers. Aepl also provides comprehensive and non-comprehensive AMC of the transformer and jumbo transformers. We provide complete resources related to the transformer which are experienced engineers, testing teams, skilled workers, unskilled workers, technical staff, etc. all the essential tools, testing equipment, lifting machinery with skilled heavy labor also available with us. We have expertise in the installation, commissioning, and testing of transformers. Almost we have installed more than 100 transformer rating from 415 kVA to 265 MVA.

Our in house expert team is also available to proficiency in providing innovative ideas and solutions for trouble shootings of the transformer. We are also authorized to installation and testing of transformers from NCT of Delhi. We are also performing all pre-commissioning checks at the OEM plant of the transformer and other equipment.

Testing of transformers and other HV, LV equipment's is extremely required to prevent as well as breakdown maintenance. We have a skilled team for different rating transformer installation. We have our testing kits also for transformer testing after installation. We have also own arrangement for transformer oil dehydration. We ensure tests with accuracy and reliability. Teams are friendly with all testing types of equipment.We are also providing oil filtration at the site. Alltransformers require maintenance and repair and testing to ensure that they are functioning up to manufacture and industry standards like it increase the age of transformer and ensure safe and reliable transformer operation. we don't simply fix the symptoms, we try to address the cause of failure with large testing equipment.


  • Provide affordable and cost-effective service
  • Execute as per drawing and accuracy
  • Ensure the safety of all equipment's and Human bodies
  • Also, help to complete the CEI guidelines
  • Highly experienced and well-trained engineers and technical staff
  • Ensure pre-commissioning test of transformer
  • Training to do the maintenance of transformers and other equipment
  • Online support 24x7 a week
  • Periodic/ condition monitoring test
  • Onsite inspection of the transformer
  • Onsite services from to pre & final commissioning
  • Account cost and comparison Also with HV, LV electrical Installation ( Including hazardous location I&C)
  • Coordination and on-site support during CEI and other govt. agency
  • Secondary/direct injection testing through the testing kit of protection and control system
  • We perform Installation, commissioning, and testing for industrial and municipal/government power station. We are available 24x7 days a week.