Solar Power Plant & Solar Grid

AEPL Install, assembles, and maintains the solar power plant or panel on the rooftop and other structures. AEPL is to plan a PV system configuration based on the requirement of the customers while adhering the standards and building codes are responsible for the design of solar panels support structure. They cut to measure and assemble the solar panel support structure. AEPL Install ON-Grid, OFF-Grid, and Hybrid solar system.

Plant Design and Engineering: Every solar project comes with its feasibility, difficulty – weather, soil, wind radiance, and topography. All factors need to be taken into account while designing its layout. Plant design and appropriate parameters are some of the key components to generate maximum output. In this we are done.

1. Selection of modules ( based on efficiency and capacity)

2. Panels are mounted with minimum disturbance to the environment.

3. Marking is based on the topographical sheet.

Construction and Procurement Management:

  • Robust construction
  • Quality and Inspection management
  • Inventory Management
  • Various mounting solutions
  • Integrated planning and execution system
  • Final commissioning
  • Planning, digging, and complete construction of earthling pits, testing of the earthling pit as per standard, and execution of earthling the installation as required.
  • Practice with proper work permit and safety rules as standard and requirement of the client.
  • AEPL applies safe working practice; prepare proper accuracy as per drawing and standards.
  • AMC, O&M, and Post commissioning:

    AEPL is also offering AMC and post-commissioning management.

  • Regular cleaning and dust removal of solar panels and inverters
  • Inspection visit and review meeting with the customer
  • Removal of faulty equipment's
  • Replacement of faulty equipment's
  • Remote monitoring of plant with SCADA implementation knows real-time date from anytime anywhere
  • Knows issue on the field with equipment and provide a quickly effective solution