Layout Planning, Work Execution

AEPL is comprised of a team of experts that bring data center experience, industrial experience, incredible value, and also the integrity of each job. We often go beyond the call of duties to satisfy our valuable clients. Aepl always looking for new opportunities to become your electrical expert and contractor of choice. No project is too big or too small for abrasive Engineers Pvt Ltd.

At Abrasive Engineers, we offer a full range of expert service of designing which skilled in residential, commercial, industrial, data centers, electrical projects.

Aepl has a specialist designing team to prepare layout of the project like building, Datacenter, industrial work, or any other work-related to electrical planning. After planning it executed by the team in the presence of highly experienced team leaders.

SLD and layout planes are one of the prime needs of the engineer. The electrical layout plans are technical planning and drawings that shown about lighting, wiring, and connection communication for an executor and engineers it provides clear instruction and guidance to an engineer during execution. electrical layout plan consists of factors like load balancing, dimension, notation, energy efficiency also with safety measure.

Aepl has a professional designing team to design SLD & layouts which understand the importance of the safety of the electrical system. Aepl also ensures that the system is installed with energy efficiency and cost-effective manner. The design team of AutoCAD experts specializes in the field of electrical. Cable tray layout plans illumine plans, route plan of cables with the shortest path, etc. also prepared by highly experienced engineers.