Electrical AMCs

Why Electrical Annual Maintenance Contract (AMCs) required?

  • Electrical Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) helps you to avoid breakdowns, high repair costs, and helps you from unpredicted damages.
  • It will help you to maintain your budget more efficiently, and you can invest or reserve the funds for future consideration.

AEPL undertake Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) for your complete electrical system including:-

  • HT/ LT Panel
  • Switchgear & Protection
  • Numerical Relay
  • Transformer & Servo
  • TAP Changer & RTCC Panel
  • APFC Panel
  • DG Set, DG Sync. Panel
  • PLC Panel
  • AC/DC Motor
  • AC/DC Drives & Starter
  • Battery bank
  • EOT Cranes

Expertise in Electrical Maintenance Contract (AMCs)

1. Our team have a good understanding of power system theory, short circuit studies, and setting calculations.
2. Our team has good knowledge in principles of operation, testing and calibrating of electro-static and numerical multifunction relays, with such functions as:

a) Differential Protection
b) Restricted ground fault protection
c) Negative sequence protection
d) Under and Over voltage protection
e) Directional Overcurrent
f) Non-Directional Overcurrent
g) Ground fault protection
h) Motor protection

3. We are expert in complete overhauling & Testing of Circuit Breaker (VCB/OCB/SF6 CB) like -

a. IR Test,
b. Contact Resistance Test,
c. Trip Timing Test
d. Hi-Voltage Test,
e. Interrupter contact healthiness test. Etc.

4. Transformer- Complete overhauling of the transformer, OLTC with Oil Filtration of Winding Tank & OLTC chamber, Breakdown Voltage Test (BDV) will be performed before and after the filling of oil.

a) Transformer protection accessories Alarm and Trip test with Buchholz Relay, Winding Temperature indication (WTI), Oil Temperature Indication (OTI), Magnetic Oil Gauge (MOG), Pressure release valve(PRV), Oil Surge Relay (OSR), Neutral Grounding Resistance (NGR)
b) Transformer Test- a) IR/PI Test Voltage b) Voltage Ratio Test c) Magnetic Balance Test d) Vector Group Test e) Test depends on Transformer healthiness

5. LT Panel- Complete Panel Cleaning, Tightness check, Current setting check, panel door switch, exhaust fan with thermostat controller.

Complete servicing of Air Circuit Breaker

a) Check the condition of arcing contact, the gap between fixed and moving arc contacts.
b) Mechanically tripping of breaker through push button.
c) Checking U/V release pickup and drop-off.
d) Checking ACB tripping through shunt release
e) Checking motor operation in case of EDO ACB
f) Check of release by OEM recommended test kits (LSIG)
g) Checking the healthiness with Primary Current injection kit of Pole CT Set.

6. Automatic Power Factor Controller Panel (APFC Panel) –

a. Check Controller’s PF correction settings
b. Check Capacitor healthiness & record capacitor current.
c. Deep monitoring of contactors switching.
d. Check current settings of MCCB in each feeder.
e. Check CT healthiness & terminals tightness

7. Our AMC team has enough knowledge of phasing and synchronizing principles, testing of synchronizing relays & Panel, sync check relays, Experience on synchronizing of generators.

8. Our AMC team have the ability to read and understand electrical plant schematics and various manufacturer electrical drawings.

9. Our AMC team have good troubleshooting skills, analytical ability to evaluate electrical fault recordings as part of fault investigations, and root cause analysis (RCA).

Maintenance Program Delivery

1. Our team performs tasks in a timely manner with quality to achieve the highest level of safety and reliability.
2. Support to implement Operations Management System modules related to Maintenance Programs to improve implementation success.

Program and Procedure Maintenance

1. Execute technical review of the maintenance process and procedure changes to ensure alignment with Operations, Work Management, Industrial Engineering, Outage Management, and industry best practices.
2. Provide 24x7 breakdown support and Outage Response support for the system to ensure issues are resolved in a timely manner.

Excellence and Quality Management

1. We ensure commitment to a culture of continuous improvement by eliminating practicing innovation, problem-solving, and teamwork; complying with Quality Management System policies and procedures.
2. We always ready to hear any type of feedback & Suggestions to improvise the consequences.

List of Equipment-

a. Relay Testing Kit 3-Phase/Single Phase
b. Automatic Capacitance & Tan Delta 10KV
c. SFRA Test Kit FRAX-10
d. Power Analyzer Fluke 1
e. Digital /Analog High Voltage Test Kit Up to 80kV
f. Insulation Tester up to 10kV
g. Transformer Turns Ratio Meter
h. Oil Dehydration Machine with BDV Test Kit
i. Digital Micro-ohm Meter
j. Clamp Meter
k. Temperature Meter
l. Primary Injection Kit
m. SCOT M3K Timer
n. Earth Tester

We provide Monthly, Quarterly, Bi-annual, Annual visits, Testing and Complete overhauling are planned by our team depending on the services availed by the customers.

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