AEPL offer a range of Cold aisle containment work services related to the design, installation, and maintenance of cold aisle containment systems. Here are some of the common services provided by these companies:

Site Assessment and Design: The CAC work service provider company will assess your data center or server room to determine the most effective cold aisle containment system design for your specific needs. This includes identifying areas where air leaks occur and designing a system to maximize cooling efficiency.

Installation and Construction: CAC work service provider companies will install the cold aisle containment system, which includes installing curtain walls, ceiling panels, and floor systems to isolate the cold aisle from the rest of the room.

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Maintenance and Repair: CAC work service provider companies will perform regular maintenance and repairs to ensure that the cold aisle containment system is functioning properly and efficiently. This includes replacing damaged panels, repairing air leaks, and cleaning the system.

Retrofitting and Upgrades: CAC work service provider companies can retrofit and upgrade existing cold aisle containment systems to improve their efficiency and performance. This includes adding new features such as variable speed fans or upgrading the insulation material.

Energy Efficiency Audits: CAC work service provider companies can conduct energy efficiency audits to identify areas for improvement and recommend upgrades to improve energy efficiency.

We have a team with practical experience for any size or shape of data centre. We may be adapted to reach the greatest cooling capacity output, contributing to a much cleaner environment by lowering the carbon footprint as well as the cooling expense.

  • - UI94-vO Polycarbonate Sheet Panel
  • - Flexible Vinyl Curtains that are Fire Resistant
  • - Customized Fixed Panels that are Fire-resistant UL
  • - V-O Rigid Plastic (Transparency High)
  • - Smooth Cylindrical Auto Closure with an Operable
  • - or Double Sliding Door on Both Sides Planning for
  • - design and layout CAC

Overall, cold aisle containment work service provider companies can help data centers and server rooms to optimize their cooling systems and reduce energy consumption. They offer services such as site assessment and design, installation and construction, maintenance and repair, retrofitting and upgrades, and energy efficiency audits to ensure that your cold aisle containment system is operating at maximum efficiency.

We hold licences and certifications from CIN, GSTIN, IEC, A-CLASS, OHSAS, NSIC, ISO, UDYAM, EPFO, IP-I, MSME, and ESIC.



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