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Building and civil engineering construction work, installation and assembly work, and building completion and finishing work are all included in the category of construction services. The category of "professional services" includes architectural and engineering services. Adding structure to real estate or the construction of buildings is known as building construction. We mainly provide you with all the construction-related services. Projects of varied sizes may result in unfavourable outcomes, such as structural collapse, cost overruns, and/or legal action. Building construction projects share components including design, financial, estimating, and legal issues.

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AEPL has developed a strong rapport with its clients and gained recognition for this (AMCs). In order to handle every area of the project. The business has previously been associated with a number of well-known endeavours throughout this period of development. Client appreciation for AEPL has increased as a result of the company's complete engineering, designing, drafting, implementation, operation, and maintenance methods. we have a skilled engineering staff and We have extensive knowledge in a variety of fields.

Conceptual design, master planning, architectural design and management, civil work, repairs and restoration, interior design, and architectural services are all included.For this reason, experts in the industry create thorough strategies and keep constant monitoring throughout the project to guarantee a successful end.The property owner frequently serves as the project's worker, paymaster, and design team.

Building infrastructure that has anything to do with water, the ground, or transportation is referred to as civil construction. It is a subset of civil engineering that deals with the upkeep, planning, and construction of environments including highways, railroads, structures, water reservoirs, communities, airports, bridges, sewage networks, tunnels, and dams. The people and businesses responsible for the planning, development, and design of our infrastructure make up the civil construction sector.

Instead of being regarded as a subset of construction, civil projects are typically grouped under the heading of civil engineering. This is because before any building can start, there must be substantial planning and coordination between several engineers and design professionals.

We hold licences and certifications from CIN, GSTIN, IEC, A-CLASS, OHSAS, NSIC, ISO, UDYAM, EPFO, IP-I, MSME, and ESIC.



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